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The Night BEFORE Christmas

Fourteen years ago... Scheduled to preach as a fill-in for a pastor who was out of town for the holidays, I found myself preparing a brand new message for that Sunday night which I entitled, "The Night BEFORE Christmas". That Sunday afternoon the words to a poem began to form in my mind based somewhat upon the whimsical poem about Santa Claus (Twas the Night Befroe Christmas). Of course, this poem is much more serious and focuses upon the darkness of sin before Chrsit came and upon the victory and the brightness of the light and life brought by Christ. The poem I used to conclude my Sunday night message.

The Night BEFORE Christmas
(written on 12-23-2001)

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
Ev'ry heart was weighed down by guilt's dread hand.
Sin had entangled the whole human race.
While ev'ry head bowed in awful disgrace.

"No hope! No hope!", the sad souls did cry.
"Aha! Aha!", the Serpent scoffed in reply.
"Your souls are doomed", the slimy beast said,
"I'll be glad when you're all forever dead!"

But wait, but wait, what is that I hear?
But the sound of angels bringing good cheer.
"Soon, soon will be born to you the great King,
Whose truth and grace make sad hearts to sing.

"The One from Whose image you fell,
Shall your image take and among you will dwell.
He'll overcome where each of you fail;
Over Satan, sin, and death He'll prevail.

"The Sun of righteousness will arise,
And bid be gone your sin-darkened skies.
Your souls He will heal; your bodies He'll raise.
Then forever you'll live and offer Him praise."

The night before Christ -- thank God it is gone!
The morning of grace and glory in our hearts has begun.
If you do not know Him, how dark your heart is still!
The night before Christmas resides yet in your will.

You'll be glad once you give Him your guilt, sin, and strife;
You'll rejoice while you share His eternal life.
So do it today! Reject not His earnest plea!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all eternity!

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Yours in Christ,
The Bible Note Writer